Since 2015, Liveinhost has been dedicated to solving problems in hosting industry. Serving both small and large customers from over 100 countries over the years has given us strong foundation and visions on how a mission critical hosting company should be.




Together, we’re always evolving

We Keeps Your Website Up and Running

In today’s world of constant change, when it comes to the web, nothing ever stands still. Those businesses on the front line must keep evolving to remain successful.

As Europe-Asia’s leading hosting authority, we know that the success of our customers relies heavily on them being properly equipped. We utilize the very latest technology to provide the tools you need to succeed online and we provide responsive, expert support to help you on your journey.

Working together with our customers and utilizing your feedback, we are able to sharpen and refine our tools. So, as your business grows, or your needs change, we are constantly trying to develop to better suit your requirements. For us, continually improving and striving for the best for our customers is a way of life. Together, we’re always evolving.

“Those businesses on the front-line must keep evolving to remain successful.”

What makes us different?

Custom-built by industry experts

At Liveinhost, we aim to provide the best possible home for your websites by utilizing the very latest tech to deliver the reliability and performance your business can depend on. Our platforms have been developed by our in-house team of experts from the ground up to ensure that they are optimized for our services and can be quickly upgraded for future requirements.


High spec hardware

We only use high-spec servers with the latest generation of Intel processors, so you can rest assured that your website is running on fast, high quality hardware from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our network uses industry-leading equipment from Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks to help unlock the full potential of our server hardware, providing optimum performance and reliability across the board.

State-of-the-art Data Centres

Our data centers are optimized in every aspect for maximum security and efficiency and utilize the latest technologies to prevent data loss and downtime. They are fully prepared for any situation including fire, floods, power loss and other potential disasters to ensure that the hardware is protected in even the most extreme circumstances.