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Liveinhost has been dedicated to solving problems in web hosting industry. Serving both small and large customers around the globe has given us strong foundation and visions on how to develop and implement ability to host websites and applications under minimum cost to customers using our custom designed super fast secure servers.



$3.75 / M

Reseller Hosting

Start offering high speed reseller WHM hosting to your customers



$2.00 / M

VPS Hosting

Discover the fastest and affordable Virtual Private Servers



$137 / M

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers delivered in 1 hour with SSD disks and no setup fees


MOst Popular

SSD Plans

It is easy to find the right VPS plan that best fits your needs, if you know your general usage for RAM, Disk Space, and Bandwidth. If you don't know then no worries, we can scale you to a solution that is right for you needs. We believe that a true solution should be able to scale to the needs of our customers. So Liveinhost has perfected the VPS technology such that there won't be any downtime for upgrades/downgrade of your VPS server. This way, you can scale your service to fit your needs.



Monthly Plan

    • Processor - 1 CPU
    • Dedicated RAM - 2 GB
    • vSwap - 512MB
    • SSD - 80GB
    • Bandwidth - 1 TB
    • Full Root/SSH Access - Included
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Monthly Plan

    • Processor - 2 CPU
    • Dedicated RAM - 3 GB
    • vSwap - 512MB
    • SSD - 100GB
    • Bandwidth - 1 TB
    • Full Root/SSH Access - Included
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Monthly Plan

    • Processor - 3 CPU
    • Dedicated RAM - 4 GB
    • vSwap - 512MB
    • SSD - 120GB
    • Bandwidth - 1 TB
    • Full Root/SSH Access - Included
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Monthly Plan

    • Processor - 4 CPU
    • Dedicated RAM - 6 GB
    • vSwap - 512MB
    • SSD - 140GB
    • Bandwidth - 1 TB
    • Full Root/SSH Access - Included
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Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. We make sure all our customers are receiving the best service from us. Our solid-state hybrid drives (SSHDs) join the technology of SSDs and HDDs in the same server, containing a big hard disk drive and SSD caching feature to increase performance of frequently accessed data.

Liveinhost Web Services that you can count on.

We ensures that different servers within our network function economically and securely, allowing for optimal use of system resources 24x7 for our global customers.

Friendly Support 24x7

Our friendly support staffs are available 24x7 and will happily assist you with any of your concerns related to our products or services.

RAID Protected Drives

LIVEINHOST servers use hardware RAID 10 array which provides a high degree of reliability apart from the daily backups.

SSD Hybrid Drives

We join the technology of SSD and HDD transforming to a better data storage and SSD caching increasing the performance of your websites drastically.

100% Network Uptime

Our state of the art networking technology enables your servers to be connected and spread across multiple secure networks resulting 100% network availability.

Liveinhost Web Services has been delivering affordable and world class web hosting services globally since 2014.

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We design top quality websites that will be a sure asset for your business and brand concepts creating a user-friendly interface.

  • Web Development

  • Web Design

  • Logo Design



After years of research, we have found that there is better overall performance when VPSs have access to the full node. This is why we implement an equal share approach policy. Most VPS nodes have 8-16 cores. The industry average for VPSs per node is well above 40. That means you will have multiple VPSs per core. We keep only 30 VPSs per node at most and allow access to the full CPU. This allows faster access for VPSs to CPU resources.

Managed Services

We handle all the technical stuff, core updates, patching, security monitoring, backups and more so that you can focus on your other business while we take care of your websites.

Anti-DDoS Protection

LIVEINHOST is committed to protect your data 24/7 against any type of DDoS attacks, regardless of duration or size.

Full Root Access

You will get full root access to your server so that you can install any applications or software needed for your websites with out any hassle.

Easy VPS Upgrade

You can upgrade your VPS plan anytime without any downtime. You just need to contact the 24x7 support via live chat or tickets to do the upgrade.

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We understand our customer more than anyone else. Our high quality affordable web hosting plans has made LIVEINHOST in the hearts of millions around the globe. We always maintain a system of communication that facilitates the ability of our support staffs to interact efficiently with our customers.

  • Tara Louise

    I am blessed with having found the best Web Hosting company ever. Great service, great hosting, and the staff are amazing. Everyone I refer to them loves them as much as I do.

    Omar Mancilla

    Liveinhost is a good option for web hosting services. I am very much satisfied with their services. Good uptime is provided to customers with many features. Mostly issues are solved immediately.

  • Linus

    Liveinhost helps very quickly in fixing issues. Their pricing is very good. Liveinhost is one of the best hosting provider and they are accurate in making my website up. Thanks a lot for your help.

    Ray Pannam

    Liveinhost features and price are reliable. I have not faced any downtime. Their support team is friendly and ready to help at any time. I have not faced any problems with their services as well as their support team. Liveinhost services are the best.

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